Monday, October 24, 2005

smoking n other stuff


Well hello Tony

Yes people the Title of this one is :Tony Blair as a graffitti artist I KILLED SOCIALISM. Which when you look at the stuff he puts through you gotta figure its true. Plus of course the Stuff that WElsh Labour cannot be bothered to get ingauged with. From re-designating houses of multiple occupancy to shared house for one.

The other (one day I'll have these pictures turning up when and where I want them) Well good ole W.C. Fields
Sticking it to my MP. Two issues Julie Morgan more public loos or ban smoking in public places. Do you know what pisses me off the most about the breweries role with the Media its their OH What a Noble thing we are doing banning smoking, keeping our staff safe from those awful nasty fumes. Yeah and all the while their staff can dish out doctor death to the customers in the form of ALKAHOL for all the weird people who just gotta tell me you spelt it wrong you spelt it wrong try phonetic along with up yours.

Sad bunch they are. So why don't the breweries only employ staff that smoke huh? plenty of other organisations who will not take on smokers well here's where it would go down a treat wouldnt it. Jobs for smokers. Its like why are you so concerned with fearing death its gonna get us all one day, that's unless your an avatar or some such. Hey times up gorra go.


Since I am updating these with what not I will add today is the 26/9/06 and last week Good Ole Doc Gibbon the earnstwhile Health n Social Services Minister at the Welsh Assembly says that the NO SMOKING BAN will save 400 lives through nolonger having to passive smoke in pubs. what the Doc didn't say was how many would die through Alkahol related desease now did you Doc.

But do you think that the news hungry Media asked that question Oh no they preferred to run this week with the story that the Police are on the case of Cannabis factories????? I wonder when the Health Minister is going to have a health campaign that recognise that the war on dope has failed and allow users to grow their own and rather than smoke it encourage ussage by other means. Like boiling it in milk to have with their coffee, like putting it in stews or salads??? Maybe then Doc they wouldn't end up in your lung cancer wards save the nhs loads of money and perhaps end the illusion that these people are somehow surplus to requirements???? Or Damned by the system to earlier graves that a more tolerant society a not so brainwashed society might allivieate.

But that is a bridge to far for our Leaders to cross it would seem. Not that death is anything to be feared more the great release into our Limitless Self.

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